Inflight entertainment is more accessible than ever with Inflight Dublin's preloaded tablet solution. Now passengers can avail of a full, modern IFE experience for a fraction of the cost. Our preloaded tablet solution is ideal for both the short and long term.


Inflight Dublin provides portable IFE solutions to suit each client’s budgetary requirements. We currently offer the latest iPad and iPad mini tablets, as well as a range of Android-based tablets. Apple’s servicing agreement, AppleCare, also comes as standard with all Apple devices. The solution involves providing passengers with tablets already loaded with content, including movies, TV, audio, games and publications.

Our solution includes a range of durable and customised cases, which provide various stand configurations to allow your passengers the flexibility to position the device as they wish. Additionally, we can provide a range of external battery options to match flight sector lengths, reducing the requirement for excess back-up devices.

portable ife


Using proprietary iOS and Android Digital Rights Management (DRM) software, Inflight Dublin offers the latest early window movie and TV content as part of our portable IFE solution. We also offer a range of magazines, newspapers and other optional extras, such as native games and a Bluetooth chat feature. Our UX and UI designers can tailor the application interface  to align with your brand, providing a more holistic passenger experience.

Our content management system tracks key usage metrics on each device throughout each flight. This data can be used both to adjust content selections to meet the demands of your passengers and to drive advertising solutions.


We provide comprehensive tech and logistics support, and we're experienced in managing small and large deployments of tablets in all regions. Our device management system allows wireless sync and charge functionality for your devices, requiring little to no involvement from your staff. If you have poor internet connectivity, we can offer a physical sync service together with training for your ground staff. The process is a fluid and seamless experience which has a proven track record. Over the years, we’ve come up with creative solutions for our many clients’ diverse requirements. 


At Inflight Dublin, we take great care and pride in our work. We provide each of our clients with a tailor-made service, and dedicated personnel. We understand the demands on your business, both inside and outside your IFE department, and we can work with you to resolve issues, enhance products, and deliver real value.

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