Commercial Analyst

Job description

As a technology specialist and supplier to the aviation industry, we are a fast growing business and actively seek new clients through a variety of channels. Our customers are spread around the globe and reflect a wide spectrum of airlines: small private firms to larger household names that are the flag carriers of their country.


As our product offering widens, it is important that our costs are well understood and dynamic pricing offered for each business opportunity. We are looking for someone who can respond quickly to pricing requests, establishing the key inputs and producing cost and revenue forecasts tailored to each tender or business case.



Reporting to the CCO, the Candidate will have the following responsibilities:


  • Learning and taking ownership of the core input and throughput of costs encountered by Inflight Dublin in its CSP and Wireless business areas
  • Developing commercial proposals that reflect the relevant inputs for each scenario and assign costs to line items according to Inflight Dublin’s associated services
  • Undertaking market research to build profiles on prospects and support the acquisition of key information associated with client-based RFI’s and RFP’s
  • Coordinate with internal teams to ensure client proposals can be completed according to deadlines, allowing sufficient time for peer review / quality control checks
  • Respond to client queries either directly or by assisting colleagues with relevant information required during proposal evaluations
  • Support cost reviews and benchmarking of new clients to ensure pricing is accurately translated from proposals to live operations
  • Some international travel may be required to present proposals or meet with key partners and suppliers

The Candidate

  • Graduate business degree or qualification
  • Strong working understanding of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Familiar with Budgets, Profit and Loss tables, and financial modelling
  • Experience writing business cases and coordinating information into business templates
  • Work with pace and agility, delivering timely and accurate information to support coordinated efforts on tenders, pricing requests and other business opportunities

To apply for this position please attach your CV and a cover letter