Air Astana's KCTV IFE guide scoring with Skytrax

January 05

Inflight Dublin is delighted to announce that the Inflight Entertainment guide that we design and produce with Air Astana KCTV recently received a Skytrax Audit rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

This rating is a testament to the commitment, high standards, and creative collaboration that the KCTV and Inflight Dublin Team have shown throughout the design and publication process.

The Guide received top marks for presentation, layout and also for its balanced display of articles and features, chosen, researched and produced In-house by the Inflight Dublin Team.

Inflight Dublin was thrilled with Skytrax analysis of the IFD guide, distinguishing it as organised and logical in layout, and of an excellent standard.

With clever use of the 3 languages throughout, engaging content and visual aesthetic, it’s no wonder it has received the accolade it has.

Looking to the future Inflight Dublin can take inspiration from this achievement and use it as a foundation for continued growth and creative partnerships within this sector.



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