Condor Wireless IFE

Inflight Dublin has been providing IFE services to Condor since 2010, ranging from VOD and overhead content to design and marketing support.

When Condor identified the need for additional IFE services, Inflight Dublin was pleased to assist and provide a solution that worked best for the airline and its passengers.


What was the requirement identified by Condor?

With new flights being launched to the Caribbean in October 2020, Condor sought a quick turnaround for a cost-effective IFE solution for its B767 aircraft. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, wireless IFE appealed to Condor as a touch-free solution to allow its passengers to continue enjoying IFE on board in the safest way possible.

"Everhub is the perfect solution for times like these where flexibility and fast changes are required more than ever. The system enhances the passenger experience on board and is a great valued addition to our inflight entertainment offering. 

IFD is making innovations on board possible with ease."

- Jana Rolker, Condor's Product manager, IFE


How we addressed Condor’s requirements

Inflight Dublin offered Condor a trial of its wireless IFE solution, Everhub™, which was quickly deployed in 4 weeks.

Key Features

  • Hardware: Fully certified portable server with hot-swappable batteries and remote syncing and content update capabilities
  • Engineering: No STC required. Quick and easy deployment.
  • Software: Complementing the portable server, the Everhub™ software platform features a fully customizable GUI tailored to Condor’s brand identity.
  • Ancillary Revenue:  Advertising for onboard snacks and duty-free, as well as a SIXT car rentals branded car game were also included to generate ancillary revenue.

  • Analytics: Inflight Dublin’s intuitive analytics platform, IFD Insights, was accessible to Condor to monitor survey results, most popular content watched by passengers and advertising performance.
  • Content: The content package featured Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows and YouTube content, as well as Games and Publications. Condor’s duty-free onboard magazine ‘bordshop’ also featured in the catalogue.
  • Support: Inflight Dublin’s dedicated engineering and account management team were available at every step to assist with the installation and continued maintenance of the solution.

"The Everhub system from Inflight Dublin impresses with its easy handling and modern app design. Any engineering work could be performed via remote control by their always available engineering team."

- Stanislaw Conradi, Condor's Aircraft Cabin Engineer


The resulting benefits to Condor

Everhub™ enabled Condor’s passengers to safely stream secure, DRM content directly to their devices on board.

The solution had excellent results in terms of passenger satisfaction & ancillary revenue opportunities for Condor.


Following on from a successful trial, Condor continues to utilize Everhub™ on their B767 aircraft with plans to expand the service offering in the near future.

"We are very confident with the Everhub system on board. The handling is simple and it works properly. The WiFi boxes are not too heavy and easily stowable. Overall it is a very well-functioning product".

- Jessica Grabner, Condor's Expert Longhaul Onboard Product & Service

For more information on the Everhub™ free trial, click here.