Inflight Dublin Celebrates Its 35th Birthday!

February 26

Inflight Dublin has been making a name for itself in the world as quality providers of IFE content and wireless solutions since 1984. However, we wouldn’t be where we are today without our wonderful clients and the fantastic team that we have been building since we first opened our doors. We are lucky enough now to have over 40 clients whom we work with globally in 39 countries, and our outstanding team of 75 employees who contribute every day to making our company a success.

We started out as Inflight Audio in ’84 in a small studio with two employees and our focus was entirely on audio, specifically analogue. Ken Harley, who is still with us today, joined in 1998 when we moved to a two-room location and added a Tech Guy to bring Inflight into the Digital Age! Ken started as an audio engineer and studio manager and now is the Head of Analogue Audio as well as being the glue that keeps our physical office together!

In 2000 Megan Fannin joined our ranks as an Account Exec as one of 8 staff members, she is now the Head of Operations for the entire company and knows more about operations than anyone else.

Shortly afterwards in 2002, we moved to a new office in Ranelagh and Pat Nolan came on board as an Audio Engineer, rounding the numbers up to 10. Pat is now Head of AV and IT and is the go-to man for all computer issues in the office.

In 2004 Barry Flynn arrived as Output Manager and our numbers rose to 15, and today Barry is our Chief Commercial Officer and the man with all the knowledge.

It wasn’t long after that when Clint Withington arrived in 2006 as a video editor, our numbers were about the same and Clint still works today in our Video department and can answer any question you may possibly have about video.

Immediately afterwards in 2007, Philip McCarthy joined us in the Output Department and we kept steady at 15 staff. He’s now one of two Senior Account Managers and is always willing to impart his wisdom.

Shane Healy arrived in 2010 as an Output Engineer and moved from that, to Head of Audio, to the Account Manager he is today.

It was after that in 2011 that we moved to Belfield Office Park and grew to a staff of 25 people and John White became our CEO.

Now here we are in 2019 with two offices, 75 incredible staff and every day we keep growing. Something we couldn’t do without the backing of our wonderful employees.

Here’s to the next 35!



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