Inflight Dublin pioneering wireless IFE in Czechia with Smartwings

January 08
Smartwings, the biggest Czech air carrier, has launched a unique inflight entertainment solution providing a wide range of content within a tailored, innovative, software platform for its passengers. Smartwings will be pioneering Everhub™ wireless IFE system among the airlines. Using proprietary software developed by Inflight Dublin, SmartWings passengers’ in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, and France will soon enjoy streaming content across the airlines entire fleet.

Everhub™ enables passengers to engage with entertainment, on-board retail, and destination services via their mobile device or laptop. Via these devices, the passengers will be able to stream movies and audio files, read magazines and newspapers, play games, with children’s movies also available…… In the initial phase, Inflight Dublin will be offering the latest content, including movies, TV, Audio, Games, Magazines and Newspapers, provided in different languages. The second phase will include the rollout of the extended service offering further content such as destination services, ground transportation services, and retail services.

Peter Sujan, Smartwings’s Commercial Director, said: “This revolutionary wireless IFE system comes at the right time for Smartwings,  who are dedicated to boosting passenger experience to a new level. We are delighted that Smartwings is one of the first Central European airlines that offers this service to its passengers. I believe that this novelty will make each flight more enjoyable for our passengers”.

“We are delighted that Smartwings is one of the first Central European airlines that offers this wireless IFE system to its passengers”

John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO, adds: “This is our first Everhub™ partnership in Central Europe and we couldn’t be more excited! Smartwings’s continuous dedication to elevating passenger experience sits accordingly with our strategic vision on bringing IFE to every airborne passenger.” Everhub™ launched onboard Smartwings on selected flights from 24th of November 2017.


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