Inflight Dublin - The Largest Content Service Provider in Africa

April 25

With over 35 years’ experience in providing quality content for airlines all over the world, Inflight Dublin has grown to become the largest Content Service Provider (CSP) in Africa. 


Inflight Dublin currently works with over 50 African distributors providing specialised content for some of the largest airlines within the region including Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt Air, Royal Air Moroc, and Kenya Airways.


Clark and Hampton, Closer Pictures, FilmOne Distributors, iROKO, Gravel Road, Rififi Pictures, Rushlake Media, Sahel Sounds, and SaniFilms are just some of the African film distributors we work in partnership with. When it comes to TV distributors, Inflight Dublin works with the largest distributors of African TV content such as Africa XP, Buni TC, Africa 24 Media, Cote Quest, The Africa Channel, Vox Africa, and Wananchi.


We also offer the widest variety of African dialects including Afrikaans, Arabic, Hausa, Oromo, Swahili, Shona, and Zula, to name but a few and of course including English, French, and Portuguese. 


Our team are industry experts in editing, encoding, and multilingual subtitling, which is complemented by long-standing partnerships with all major hardware providers. This ensures that whichever IFE system your fleet is operating on, screening content provided by Inflight Dublin will be a seamless process. Our in-house content specialists are also accustomed to cultural sensitivities which allow airlines to tailor content and featured footage adhering to their passenger demographics.


At Inflight Dublin, our African content is not limited to just Movies or TV. With a comprehensive library of over 10,000 musical tracks from some of the biggest artists across the African music scene allowing your clients to listen to their favourite music whilst cruising to their next destination.

Inflight Dublin’s strong relationships with all major distributors across the continent allows us to deliver unrivalled African content to our clients at cost effective rates which in turn allows our clients to enhance their passengers’ experience on board via economical means.



If you’re interested in finding out more about our CSP services, or indeed any of our other IFE services, get in touch with us now and discover how we can help you transform your passengers’ experience on board.


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