Inflight Dublin’s Upgraded Wireless IFE Passenger Web App

September 24

Inflight Dublin has launched an upgraded passenger web application for its wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) system, Everhub™. The new features of the web app were established from continuous client feedback and evolving industry trends. This culminated in a focus to minimise physical touchpoints and increase Ancillary Revenue opportunities. The upgraded web app is also available as part of Inflight Dublin’s recently announced 6-month free trial of the Everhub™ wireless IFE solution.

The improved web app showcases a sleek new design with switchable light and dark themes. Using a new Material User Interface (Material UI) and Progressive Web App (PWA) features allows the web-based interface to appear as a native application without the need for any app/SDK installations on the end-users device. With Ancillary Revenue at the forefront of airlines’ minds, advertising plays a key role in the upgraded web app. Everhub™ supports banner ads, pre-roll video ads, and interstitial ads which can appear on a timed basis or popup when navigating through the system. With the growing need for contactless and paper-free initiatives, Health and Safety information and on-board protocols can be fully digitized, reducing risks by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints on board.

The web app is integrated with Everhub’s cloud-hosted Control Centre which provides back-office capabilities at no additional cost to the airline. This enables the deployed servers to be configured, operationally tracked, and updated remotely. The branded User Interface (UI) is fully customizable and remotely accessible, allowing airlines to enable or disable features including the types of entertainment, advertising, and shopping catalogues that are available to passengers. In addition, the airline can provide custom content such as marketing campaigns, airline news & service bulletins, and destination information, all from the comfort of their own office. The upgraded web app also includes Inflight Dublin’s data analytics platform, IFD Insights. This offers airlines access to content usage trends, advertising reports, and survey feedback, providing constant updates on the performance of their IFE offering on board.

“The upgraded passenger web application enhances our established Everhub™ product which combines a flexible hardware platform with software, content, and revenue-generating services. This provides airlines with a one-stop-shop solution which can be deployed on board in a matter of weeks.” – David Miller, Inflight Dublin’s CTO.


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