Kenya Airways Wireless IFE

The Challenge

What was the requirement identified by Kenya Airways?

Kenya Airways is the flag carrier airline of Kenya, currently serving 53 destinations in 41 countries.

While already providing inflight entertainment for its entire fleet, with Inflight Dublin as their CSP, Kenya Airways identified an opportunity to expand and retro-fit 5 of their aircraft which previously used overhead screens. They required a portable and low-cost wireless system to be implemented.

Inflight Dublin was chosen to provide it’s Everhub™ wireless solution, complemented by the bespoke content package already in place, providing high-quality inflight entertainment to all passengers.

The Solution

Inflight Dublin has been providing inflight entertainment for Kenya Airways since 2016 and Everhub™ is Kenya Airways first step into Wireless IFE.

The following requirements were met:

  • A portable, low-cost wireless solution 
  • Hot-swappable battery operated for efficient power maintenance
  • Content consistency between seatback and wireless IFE systems
  • Economies of scale achieved by combining content and wireless needs from one provider, Inflight Dublin

The Outcome

Out of Kenya Airways’ fleet of 40 aircraft, 5 aircraft were installed with Inflight Dublin’s Everhub™ wireless solution.

This enhancement provides content consistency and synergises with the passengers’ IFE expectations due to the rising growth in wireless technology.

A personalized GUI was designed and created in-house by Inflight Dublin’s Design team, reflecting Kenya Airways’ core brand identity.