'One-stop-shop' pre-flight and in-flight safety service

May 27

Inform and communicate hygiene and safety for passengers on-board.

Inflight Dublin, a global provider of inflight entertainment and wireless solutions, is providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ service package to support the enhanced pre-flight and in-flight safety protocols that will be implemented by airlines over the coming months.
The service package not only helps communicate important COVID-19 related messages to passengers in-flight, it also supports automated pre-flight temperature screening of passengers.

The communication services consist of Pre-Recorded Announcements (PRA’s) in any language, certified embedded Safety Cards, and Hygiene Guidance animated videos to help passengers clearly understand the new hygiene guidance and  COVID-19 related protocols. Inflight Dublin’s in-house Design team can tailor all communication services to an airline’s brand guidelines and in-flight entertainment system specifications.

Inflight Dublin is partnering with Ventilux to bring the latest in safety technology to airlines, by offering a mass screening body temperature detection system using the latest sensor technology. The non-contact, non-invasive ITDS-200 offers real time intelligent identification and tracing of people with abnormal temperatures

“Hygiene and Safety are at the forefront of everyone’s mind in the aviation industry right now, and we need to adapt to support airlines as best as we can. Keeping pre-flight and in-flight protocols up to date in the current climate is very important, as well as minimising touchpoints and introducing new technologies to protect both passengers and crew. We are happy to help make the passenger experience as safe as possible”.

– John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO.

“Minimising touchpoints and introducing new technologies to protect both passengers and crew”


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