Sunclass Airlines Wireless IFE

Inflight Dublin has been providing IFE content services to Sunclass Airlines since 2014, ranging from the latest Hollywood movies to promotional motion graphics.


What was the requirement identified by Sunclass Airlines?

When Sunclass Airlines began to investigate wireless IFE options, they witnessed the growing popularity and many benefits it offers. Inflight Dublin advised on the Everhub solution which would align with their current offering of seatback content and provide a touch-free solution for passengers during a time when hygiene and safety is a top priority.


How we addressed Sunclass Airlines’ requirements

After receiving a demo of the solution, Sunclass Airlines were satisfied to proceed with a full deployment of Everhub across its A321 fleet. With tight deadlines to ensure a seamless entry to service, the solution had a complete turnaround of just 8 weeks from discussion to full installation.

Key Features of the solution:

  • Hardware: Fully certified portable server with hot-swappable batteries and remote syncing and content update capabilities.
  • Engineering: No STC required. Quick and easy deployment.
  • Software: Complementing the portable server, the Everhub™ software platform features a fully customizable GUI tailored to Sunclass Airlines’s brand identity.
  • Ancillary Revenue: Advertising for onboard snacks and duty-free
  • Analytics: Inflight Dublin’s intuitive analytics platform, IFD Insights, was accessible to Sunclass Airlines to monitor most popular content watched by passengers and advertising performance.
  • Content: The content package featured Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows and YouTube content, and Publications.
  • Support: Inflight Dublin’s dedicated engineering and account management team were available at every step to assist with the installation and continued maintenance of the solution.

The Everhub system is a very good content rich inflight solution. It is easy to operate, just switch on the system, inform the passenger how to access the solution and within seconds they are up and running. No downloads or sign-ups is required. The solution enhance the passengers’ onboard experiences and make the flight more enjoyable.”

-Ewa Ekman, Sunclass Airlines’ Cabin Chief Stockholm-Arlanda


The resulting benefits to Sunclass Airlines

Sunclass Airlines expanded their IFE offering from traditional overhead and seatback systems to include a touch-free option for passengers to continue enjoying content on board. Constant communication between Sunclass Airlines and Inflight Dublin’s account management and engineering teams was a key factor that led to the project’s success.

Inflight Dublin also assisted in providing instructional information and materials to help Sunclass Airlines promote the system on board and increase passenger uptake. The feedback from passengers using Everhub was very positive, with praise for the ease of use and connecting to the system being the most frequent response, as well as the great selection of content available.

Sunclass Airlines had a great uptake in passengers utilizing Everhub and impressive results for advertisements and IFE ratings:

Everhub is very suitable on board our flight and there is something for all our guests. The support and cooperation from IFD Is very good and we had no problem to install the system on board. Both guests and Sunclass are very satisfied with the system.”

-Christina Pedersen, Sunclass Airlines’ Customer Experience Manager.