Inflight Dublin: Top 10 Aviation Solution Provider Award

July 27

Inflight Dublin has been included in the 2021 Top 10 Aviation Solution Providers list by Aerospace Defense Review, which has an audience of 87,000+ digital subscribers including top tech decision-makers, engineers and corporate management within airlines.

A multi-layer selection process including subscriber nominations, in-house market research, and a final decision by the Advisory Board, Inflight Dublin and in particular its wireless IFE solution, Everhub, was chosen for the final list. Other featured companies include Airbus, Safran and Vision-Box.


"Our main focus will be on passenger-centric solutions, which will enable our clients to make a mark of excellence in the airline industry with their engaging inflight entertainment capabilities" John White, Inflight Dublin's CEO

To read the full interview with Inflight Dublin’s CEO John White, click here.


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