RwandAir IFE insert

The Brief 

We were invited to re-design the eight-page inflight section of RwandAir’s 124 page on-board magazine: “Inzozi”, available on each aircraft in their fleet.

The Project

Our challenge was to design eight pages of inflight content that matched the current brand guidelines of “Inzozi”. While showcasing the range of on board entertainment, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the most anticipated TV shows.


The design scheme was restricted by the requirement of space for two languages; English and French as well as several key pieces of information: language availability, rating, synopsis and which planes this content is available on.


We wished to create a layout that knitted seamlessly with Inzozi’s design ethos and one which allowed the reader to clearly navigate through the Movie, TV, Audio and Game content with ease, by placing emphasis on the latest releases with the use of highlight pages and boxes.


RwandAir Airlines




What we did: