PrivatAir Wireless IFE


What was the requirement identified by PrivatAir? PrivatAir is a Geneva-based business jet operator who delivers the highest quality inflight service to its customers. PrivatAir has been in operation for over 40 years, employs 400 people and has operating bases in Frankfurt (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland) and Copenhagen (Denmark). A key part of its service is the Inflight Entertainment offering. PrivatAir had a pre-loaded iPad solution that offered passengers movies, TV shows, music, games and digital publications. There were several logistics and operational problems with this solution. Airline crew had to manually update each single iPad with new content. Updates were happening all around the world (system breaking down), adding hours to their already busy schedule, which resulted in a real culprit for crew efficiency. Airline wished to offer a more dynamic, flexible IFE product that reduced cost and improved crew logistics and was looking at new ways on how to do this.


Privatair Everhub deployment   Inflight Dublin evaluated the operation and proposed our Wireless Everhub solution that would not only ensure costs savings, but would also mitigate the previous logistic issues that crew were experiencing by eliminating the manual updating of the iPads. After the initial presentation with PrivatAir / Hapag Lloyd team, they were very impressed and happy to proceed with the wireless solution. PrivatAir was included from a design point of view and collaboratively we fine-tuned the brand design. We then had a workshop with the crew and team in which we discussed their pain points and reviewed the current setup. In light of this, we demonstrated how the new set up would work and how more efficient it would be. Inflight Dublin suggested a portable wireless IFE server to be utilised as a streaming service. This meant that only the server needed to be updated, rather than having to update all iPads manually. The server streams video and audio files to the iPads and enables passengers to download their preferred publications. The experience for the passenger was identical to the pre-loaded iPad scenario, however, with an added benefit… they could also use their own mobile devices to stream media and download publications. For the crew, Inflight Dublin provided a dedicated mobile application. This “crew app” allowed a crew member to download the daily publication package before they boarded the aircraft, and with a push of a button, push the new package to the wireless IFE server.  


From the content point of view, we provide PrivatAir with 10 movies, 10 TV Shows, 50 Albums, Publications and airline material per cycle.

This solution improved the passenger experience, by allowing PrivatAir to download the digital publications to their own devices. It also saved over 5 hours of work, per day, for PrivatAir’s crew, by providing a quick and easy way for them to update the digital publications. Senior Vice-President of Business Aviation at the airline, Pedro Caneira, reiterated that “Inflight Dublin developed a bespoke wireless IFE system, with crew management App…delivered in a highly efficient and professional manner. ”

"Everything ran smooth with the IFE system during our Panamericana tour. Really great how things are working right now... Thanks for your precious help guys and the support!” – Mietje Schoemans, PrivatAir Crew"