Sitting Down With: Rika Argadireja, Metadata Team Lead

August 03

Next up in the ‘Sitting Down With’ series is Inflight Dublin’s Metadata Team Lead and expert, Rika Argadireja. She discusses the importance of high-quality metadata in the IFE industry, challenges faced, and predicted trends for the future of IFE metadata. Enjoy!

How much importance is placed upon IFE metadata when it comes to working with airline clients?

Metadata management for inflight entertainment is essential – without good metadata, content may never be chosen to watch! Any data that we put onboard will be seen by the client and most importantly, their passengers, so it is a core selling tool to entice passengers to view the content. At Inflight Dublin, we ensure that any information, synopsis, or images we provide are of the highest quality and are age and culture appropriate based on the airline’s requirements. Furthermore, we do a number of internal quality checks before signing off the metadata to be delivered to the airline.


What are the main challenges the Metadata team faces each cycle and how do you tackle them?

No two days are the same in the metadata department. We face a range of challenges during every update, from managing strict overlapping deadlines during busier months, to having to edit the content images we’re putting onboard so they’re SFW (safe for work). Fortunately, we can rely on our ever-improving time management and task planning, and there’s nothing a little Photoshop magic can’t solve!

Is there any unique processes or methods that IFD uses to ensure the delivery of accurate and timely metadata?

To ensure complete accuracy, we do thorough quality control for every airline client. Once we’ve completed the metadata entry on the integrator’s documents or portals, we would manually check the information we’ve uploaded, make any necessary changes, and double-check again after any corrections have been made. We also work with other internal departments in Inflight Dublin, such as the Account Management department, to do final metadata checks before signing off.

And to deliver metadata in a timely manner, we meticulously record and track all the deadlines we have for the month in our internal system. The Metadata team also work very closely together and keep a constant communication stream open to work as efficiently as possible – in some instances where there are tight deadlines, the team will work collaboratively with tasks so deadlines are always met without any delay.


Do you predict any changes or trends in the future of metadata in terms of what passengers expect or want to see on their seatback screens or personal devices?

Another responsibility of the Metadata team is the managing of our clients’ microsites. These have become even more popular to have as it allows airlines to provide an up-to-date and interactive content catalogue to excite their passengers before their flight and encourage engagement with the system.

The popularity of Wireless Inflight Entertainment systems is also growing rapidly. These require additional Metadata requirements that Inflight Dublin has extensive experience with, particularly with our own wireless IFE system, Everhub. I think passengers are starting to expect multiple ways to view and learn about the content on board, such as they do at home. This will result in more thought going into how the content and metadata is displayed and accessed by passengers to give them the most immersive and enjoyable inflight entertainment experience.


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Inflight Dublin’s Everhub iPad Solution Wins PAX Tech Award

June 24

Inflight Dublin has received a Technology Award for its Everhub iPad Solution in the PAX Tech International Awards.

With the ceremony taking place in Hamburg during AIX, Inflight Dublin was on site to accept the award that was chosen by PAX International subscribers over a number of months.

This is another award that Inflight Dublin has won for its Everhub product, after being placed on the Top 10 Aviation Solution Providers list by Aerospace Defense Review in 2021.


The Everhub iPad Solution

The Everhub iPad solution is an extension of Inflight Dublin’s reputable Wireless IFE solution which leverages the robust infrastructure to deliver content remotely to a server anywhere in the world. As well as this, the flexible Everhub software has been future-proofed as it can easily be configured to any IFE system, including iPads. The Everhub iPad solution is an innovative way for airlines to provide additional inflight entertainment options on board, with passengers having access to pre-loaded content chosen by the airline on the latest generation iPad devices.

Inflight Dublin’s cloud-based CDS (Content Delivery System) uses AWS and the latest technology and has been developed and fine-tuned over the years to continually enhance the content delivery process. To further support this product, Inflight Dublin developed a native app version of the distinguished passenger application to host the content on iPad devices. As with all Wireless IFE clients, the airline can have this native app fully customized to reflect their brand and layout preferences. The sync and charge station also has the capability to charge and update up to 32 iPad devices simultaneously, making the turnaround time in between flights swift and efficient.


The Benefits

  • Content delivery efficiencies – Content is quickly and seamlessly delivered remotely to the server anywhere in the world, allowing airlines to load content and get it on board in the quickest turnaround time.
  • Dynamic IFE offering – Inflight Dublin uses the latest generation of iPads for the ultimate content-viewing experience. It gives airlines and passengers additional ways to enjoy IFE on board as well as traditional seatback screens and Wireless streaming to passengers’ own devices.
  • Seamlessly blends and aligns with the airline’s other IFE systems – Inflight Dublin can customize the native app to the finest detail required by the airline so that all IFE systems are synergized under the one brand.
  • Cost-savings – Airlines save time and money due to reducing the delivery of drives and other physical items, as all content delivery is done over the cloud.


Flying with: Qatar Airways Group

Initially being chosen to supply the Everhub iPad Solution to Qatar Executive, the project was expanded to service Qatar Airways and Qatar Amiri Flight after a successful initial rollout.

Inflight Dublin initially delivered over 200 pre-loaded iPads to the three airlines in the Qatar Airways Group in September 2021, and this has later grown to 500+. The interactive media application features a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is designed to replicate Qatar Airways’ illustrious IFE brand, Oryx One, making it a truly immersive and brand-aligned experience. The pre-loaded iPads are available to Qatar Airways Business Class passengers on selected flights as well as on Qatar Executive and Qatar Amiri Flight.

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Inflight Dublin chosen by Drukair for the provision of IFE Content and Wireless services

June 15

Inflight Dublin has been selected by Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines, the flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bhutan, to provide its end-to-end wireless Inflight Entertainment (IFE) solution, Everhub™.

As part of a 5-year partnership, Inflight Dublin will initially be equipping three of Drukair’s A319 and A320 aircraft with its Everhub™ Wireless IFE solution. Consisting of Hardware, Software and Content, Drukair’s passengers will have access to a wide range of content including Hollywood Blockbusters, Local Movies, TV shows, Audio, and frequently updated Newspapers and Magazines.

The GUI is available in the local Dzongkha language to make the platform even more accessible and user-friendly to Drukair’s passengers. An interactive catalogue of retail and food and beverage products will be available for passengers to place orders directly from their own devices. This will integrate with Inflight Dublin’s innovative Crew App which Drukair will be utilizing to manage and fulfil orders on board.



“Drukair is delighted to be introducing inflight entertainment services on board and Inflight Dublin’s ‘one-stop-shop’ solution was very attractive as it provides a truly complete IFE package. We are confident that this innovative service will be a welcomed addition to our inflight offering and will deliver an enhanced digital experience for both our passengers and crew.””

– Capt Dhondup Gyaltshen, Chief Pilot, Drukair

“This partnership with Drukair further extends Inflight Dublin’s stance in the Asian market as we continue to successfully partner with many reputable airlines in the region. The versatility of the Everhub solution is gaining the attention of airlines that need a full end-to-end IFE and retail capability and we look forward to delivering this and provide an engaging digital experience to Drukair and their passengers.” – John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO.

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Inflight Dublin to expand Wireless IFE services with Wideroe

June 14

After a successful trial, Inflight Dublin has been chosen by Wideroe to provide a full rollout of its Wireless Inflight Entertainment (IFE) solution, Everhub™, as part of a 3-year deal.

From May 2022, Inflight Dublin will expand Everhub to cover a fleet of 15 aircraft made up of Bombardier Q400’s and Embraer E2’s. The content package includes the latest Hollywood movies, TV Shows and Gladi8tor games. Wideroe will also have access to IFD Insights with reports detailing the performance of the Hardware, Software and Content offering on board.

As part of the expansion, Inflight Dublin has partnered with Global Onboard Partners to generate revenue for Wideroe through the promotion of destination services. “We are excited to be working with Wideroe and Inflight Dublin to bring all the destinations to life for Wideroe passengers on the Everhub solution. Wideroe Destination Explorer provides passengers with the opportunity to explore all destinations, win rewards, and receive special offers, while paying Wideroe ancillary revenue at 3-5x more than previous programs.” – Kirk Adams, Global Onboard Partners’ CEO.

“We chose Inflight Dublin for this project as we have seen the benefits of the Everhub solution in action and want to continue providing the most entertaining and enjoyable experience to our passengers. We are particularly excited about the additional GOP Explorer service which will not only enhance the passenger experience but also provide revenue-generating opportunities for Wideroe”

Knut Anders Enoksen, Wideroe’s Manager of Products, Ancillaries and Loyalty.

“We are delighted to see another trial of Everhub turn into a full rollout. The integration with GOP will also be a great addition to Wideroe’s IFE offering. This is just one of many exciting integrations that Inflight Dublin will be introducing on Wideroe’s Everhub platform – adding a passenger-engaging and revenue-generating service on top of an already successful streaming platform.” – Barry Flynn, Inflight Dublin’s CCO.

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Inflight Dublin chosen by Philippine Airlines to provide Wireless IFE trial

June 09

Inflight Dublin has been selected by Philippine Airlines (PAL), the flag carrier of the Philippines, to provide a trial of its Wireless IFE solution, Everhub.

Beginning in April, Inflight Dublin has equipped a range of aircraft within PAL’s fleet including A330, A350 and B777 aircraft with the Everhub solution. The package consists of Hardware, Software and Content, as well as Inflight Dublin’s intuitive data analytics platform, IFD Insights. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is fully tailored to PAL’s brand requirements and is available in Tagalog, a new language added by Inflight Dublin to make the experience even more accessible to PAL’s passenger audience. The Content package includes Hollywood Blockbusters, Classic Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries, as well as PAL’s own promotional videos and a survey in the dedicated ‘Your Flight’ section.

PAL is the largest international carrier in the Philippines, servicing over 35 domestic and 42 international destinations. Its mission is to deliver safe, reliable, efficient and pleasant travel experience and to exceed passenger expectations.

“Our partnership with Everhub will enable us to expand our offerings and provide our passengers a wider array of inflight entertainment options as they fly with Philippine Airlines. We are delighted with the quick turn-around of the solution, particularly with the seamless integration of the local language and PAL’s own content within the platform. Inflight Dublin has been effectively meeting our needs to ensure the synergy of our Inflight Entertainment (IFE) system and the new solution,” stressed PAL Vice President for Marketing Ma. Sylvia Elvira C. Domingo

“We are delighted with the quick turn-around of the solution, particularly with the seamless integration of the local language and PAL’s own content within the platform...”

“We are delighted to begin this partnership with Philippine Airlines and to further expand our services in the Southeast Asia region. It gives us great pride to demonstrate the remarkable capabilities of Everhub that allow us to deploy a robust solution to airlines in a matter of weeks. We look forward to delivering a compelling and engaging experience to PAL’s passengers in the coming weeks.” – John White, Inflight Dublin’s CEO


About Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is the Philippines’ flag carrier and only full-service network airline. PAL was the first commercial airline in Asia and celebrated its 81st anniversary in March 2022. PAL’s young fleet of Boeing 777s, Airbus A350s, Airbus A330s, Airbus A321s and De Havilland DHC-8-400 Next Generation aircraft operate out of hubs in Manila and Cebu to 29 destinations in the Philippines and 31 destinations in Asia, North America, Australia and the Middle East. PAL was rated a 4-Star Global Airline by Skytrax in 2018 and was voted the World’s Most Improved Airline in the 2019 Skytrax worldwide passenger survey with a ranking of 30th best airline in the world.

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Sitting Down With: David Miller, CTO

March 24

Next up in the ‘Sitting Down With’ series is Inflight Dublin’s CTO, David Miller. He discusses the standout features of Everhub, Wireless trends such as advertising and integrations, and where he sees growth in the industry. Enjoy!

What steps does Inflight Dublin take to ensure they are up to date with the latest technology trends in the industry?

We closely monitor trends and developments in the industry, and conduct research to identify areas where we could innovate and develop our existing offering. A key source is client feedback and requests made for additional features. So, for example, we have seen a demand for hybrid systems where airlines want to mix both portable and aircraft-powered servers across their fleet. We have also seen a growth in the combination of wireless IFE with onboard connectivity. However, our deployment with Qatar Airways for the Everhub Preloaded iPad solution shows us there is still demand for native application support.


What are the standout hardware and software features of the Everhub solution that make it so versatile?

When we developed our own Everhub server we were able to learn from our experiences with other systems – what worked well and what didn’t. This allowed us to deliver a low-maintenance experience to our airline clients when it comes to implementation and operational management. For example, features like the swappable batteries without any downtime in-flight, and the touch screen interface makes life that bit easier and more efficient.

On the software side, we have focussed on rolling out a single product architecture and feature set which can be reused across all clients and on all supported platforms (including portable and fixed wireless systems). So, as we add new capabilities, we can make these available to everyone. Over the last two years, we have been building out Everhub as a platform for partner integrations, including Games, Advertising, Destination Services, and Payments. All these integrations have been modularized, allowing clients to “pick and mix” as required.

Think of Everhub as a shop, and we can have a variety of content and services available in the shop window.

How do you see the demand for Wireless IFE developing in the coming years? Do you think more airlines will adopt it alongside seatback?

Absolutely, based on the enquiries we are getting now we can see a trend growing for wireless IFE adoption. This has been driven by several factors including the increased rollout of narrow-bodied aircraft for long-haul routes, as well as the desire to offer more ancillary services to airlines using the wireless IFE product as a platform. In addition, COVID-19 has driven the growth in demand from a cost reduction, flexibility and hygiene perspective.

As mentioned above, we can see growing interest in the “extended platform” – where we not only provide IFE, but a means to deliver a range of services from ourselves and our partners.


What are some key areas that Inflight Dublin differentiates from its competitors in the wireless space?

Where Inflight Dublin stands out is the ability to deliver a one-stop-shop to clients. We offer exciting content, our own fully-certified hardware, and flexible software for multiple platforms and partner integrations, all delivered with our own implementation and design services from a highly skilled and experienced in-house team.

Our Everhub trial system has been very successful in growing demand and demonstrating the proven value the system brings to airlines’ inflight service. We can have a new client up and running in a matter of weeks.

Key to our offering is holding to a vision for an integrated baseline product that can be grown as required. Not only for the wireless streaming capability but also for the back-office analytics which all clients have access to as part of the offering. In addition, given our CSP heritage, there are several new initiatives we can drive to support the end-to-end life cycle for our clients.


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Inflight Dublin selected by Novair to provide Wireless IFE trial

March 15

Inflight Dublin has been chosen by Novair to provide its end-to-end wireless Inflight Entertainment (IFE) solution, Everhub™.

Beginning in February, Inflight Dublin will initially be equipping Novair’s fleet of A321 aircraft with a 6-month trial of its Everhub™ Wireless solution consisting of Hardware, Software and Content. The fully certified server houses the Everhub™ software platform which can be accessed via a web application on passengers’ personal devices. Customized to align with Novair’s brand requirements, the user-friendly GUI allows passengers to easily navigate the system and browse the latest Hollywood blockbusters, TV Shows, International content, Documentaries, Games and digitized Publications available on board.

Novair operates a fleet of A321 neos to both traditional Mediterranean destinations and long-distance destinations. Novair was recently sold to Danish Jet Nordic Group, who also operate Jet Time.

“Novair places a big focus on choosing products and services that align with our brand values and sustainability goals. Utilizing Inflight Dublin’s Everhub™ solution allows us to create a unique and enhanced passenger experience that also minimizes weight and fuel costs, particularly due to the ability to make all paper materials digital on the system. Novair is committed to providing the highest level of service to our passengers and we look forward to working with Inflight Dublin to deliver this innovative solution.” – Paul de Susini – Head of Onboard product & catering, Novair.

“Utilizing Inflight Dublin’s Everhub™ solution allows us to create a unique and enhanced passenger experience that also minimizes weight and fuel costs...”

“With Everhub™, Novair will benefit from an innovative digital solution that generates revenue and reduces their environmental impact while also entertaining their passengers with a broad content package tailored to their unique audience. We are delighted to be working with Novair on this project and we look forward to engage and delight its passengers on board.” – Barry Flynn, Inflight Dublin’s CCO 


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Inflight Dublin chosen by Condor for the provision of IFE Content and Wireless services

February 24

After a successful temporary deployment on their B767 aircraft, Inflight Dublin has been chosen by Condor, a long-standing client of over 10 years, to provide a full rollout of its Wireless Inflight Entertainment (IFE) solution, Everhub, to cover their entire narrowbody fleet.

From April, Inflight Dublin will expand their wireless IFE solution to cover 35 aircraft including A321, A320 and B757 aircraft. Inflight Dublin’s proven platform is now even more user-friendly as passengers will be able to easily access the web-based app by scanning a QR code on the back of their seat. The content package includes the latest Hollywood movies, TV Box Sets, bespoke Audio Playlists, Life & Culture documentaries and local German content as well as Gladi8tor games.

“In the 10+ years we have worked with Inflight Dublin, our IFE product and service offering has continuously evolved and improved through enhancements and innovations on board. We are pleased to be carrying out an expansion of the Everhub solution across our narrowbody fleet after achieving such positive results and feedback from our passengers.” – Janina Kratz, Condor’s Product Manager, IFE.

“our IFE product and service offering has continuously evolved and improved through enhancements and innovations on board”

This latest rollout is part of a broader strategy between Inflight Dublin, Condor, and other key stakeholders to create a seamless passenger experience and expand their retail and revenue generation capabilities.

“We are excited to take our service offering to new heights with Condor, a truly passenger-centric airline whom we have thoroughly enjoyed working with over the years. Our goal for the full rollout of Everhub is to not only surprise and delight passengers with tailored content and engaging services, but also to enable a digital retail experience that will enhance the passenger experience and deliver ancillary revenues for Condor.”

Barry Flynn, Inflight Dublin’s CCO.


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Sitting Down With: John White, CEO

January 25

After a successful year in 2021, we want to share our industry knowledge by interviewing the talented employees who make Inflight Dublin thrive.

Kicking off our first interview of the ‘Sitting Down With’ series with some industry insight and outlook for 2022 is Inflight Dublin’s CEO, John White. 

How did the pandemic continue to affect business throughout 2021? To what extent did you see it recover?


During 2021, Inflight Dublin (IFD) saw increased demand for its products and services as the world started to manage the pandemic better and airline activity increased.

At the beginning of 2021, the continuation of the pandemic dampened expectations in relation to the rate of recovery. However, with the increased rollout of vaccines throughout the world, the industry grew strongly during the northern hemisphere summer and into the latter part of the year. However, with the emergence of the Omicron variant towards the end of year there was a negative impact on demand.

At the year end, despite being in the middle of the Omicron wave, there was increased optimism that 2022 would be the year that we got on top of the Covid crisis and that there will be a strong recovery in business. Having finished 2021 with an increased level of business, we are confident that our business will grow strongly in 2022.


How did Inflight Dublin adapt to the ever-changing environment of the aviation & inflight entertainment industry during the second year of the pandemic?


IFD continued to focus on 3 key areas:

  1. Product & service innovation
  2. Delivering value to our clients
  3. Enhancing our customer service


The pandemic has led airlines to review their businesses and identify new and more efficient ways to operate and deliver services to their customers.

At a very early stage of the pandemic, IFD recognised that there would be a paradigm shift in the industry and that greater levels of innovation, value and customer service would be required. Therefore, we invested in these areas. As well this, we reviewed our own business to ensure that we were optimising the way we operated, as well as ensuring that we were structured in the right way to exploit future growth opportunities.

What were Inflight Dublin’s biggest achievements & developments in 2021?


IFD’s biggest achievements during 2021 were working in partnership with our clients to help them successfully navigate the crisis: I’m delighted to report that none of our clients went out of business and that we didn’t lose any of them.

Moreover, we were delighted to win a number of new airline clients, including Qatar Airways, Ukraine International, Neos and others. We also expanded our partnerships with existing clients with the rollout of IFD’s Everhub Wireless system on Ethiopian Airlines, Sunclass Airlines and Azur Air.

In terms of developments, we invested heavily in our Everhub Wireless IFE solution and delivered a range of benefits, including: lower costs, remote updating of content, payment platform for on board retail, destination services, crew app and enhanced data analytics through our IFD Insights tool.

On the Content side of our business, we extended our Content management System (CMS) to further improve our workflow efficiencies and deliver in-depth cycle management and analytics tools to our clients.

Our hard work and success was also recognised through receiving the Top 10 Aviation Solution Provider Award with Aerospace Defense Review.


“IFD recognised that there would be a paradigm shift in the industry and that greater levels of innovation, value and customer service would be required.”
What is your outlook for 2022? What’s next for Inflight Dublin?


I am very positive about the outlook for 2022. I strongly believe that it will be the year that the world starts to overcome the Covid crisis and that there will be a strong recovery in the airline industry due to the pent-up demand for travel.

At IFD, we are very excited to be moving into a new state-of-the-art facility next month. We have equipped the new space with the very latest technologies and the highest levels of security, and have ensured that there’s enough space to accommodate our significant growth plans.

From a product and service point of view, we will continue to focus on delivering the highest levels of innovation, value and service to our clients. This will include the delivery of a number of new services on our Everhub wireless platform, which will include greater revenue generation opportunities for our clients, lower costs, enhanced flexibility, more in-depth passenger usage data, and increased hardware options. Watch this space!


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2021: Inflight Dublin Year in Review

January 05

As we say goodbye to 2021 and begin a new year, we are taking a look back at Inflight Dublin’s exciting developments over the past 12 months. From new partnerships, awards, and new clients for wireless and content services, 2022 is shaping up to be even better.


Gladi8tor Gaming Partnership

Inflight Dublin announced its exciting new partnership with innovative inflight games provider, Gladi8tor Gaming, enabling clients to enhance the passenger experience while also generating revenue through game sales and advertising.



Korean Air Wireless IFE 

The flag carrier of South Korea, Korean Air, chose Inflight Dublin to provide a 6-month trial of its wireless Inflight Entertainment (IFE) solution, Everhub™.

Wideroe Wireless IFE 

Inflight Dublin was selected by Widerøe to equip their Embraer E2 aircraft with the DO-160G certified Everhub™ Portable wireless server for a 6-month trial.



Air Peace Wireless IFE

Air Peace, a valued client for content services for over 4 years, chose to expand their partnership with Inflight Dublin with a trial of the EverhubWireless IFE solution.


Sunclass Airlines Content & Wireless IFE

Inflight Dublin was awarded the contract for the provision of content and wireless IFE services by valued client, Sunclass Airlines.

Cabo Verde Wireless IFE

Cabo Verde Airlines chose Inflight Dublin to equip their B757 aircraft with the Everhub Wireless IFE solution.



Top 10 Aviation Solution Provider Award

Inflight Dublin was included in the 2021 Top 10 Aviation Solution Providers list by Aerospace Defense Review, which has an audience of 87,000+ digital subscribers including top tech decision-makers, engineers and corporate management within airlines.


Neos Content Services

Inflight Dublin was awarded the contract for the provision of IFE content services by Italian airline, Neos.


ASKY Content & Wireless IFE

ASKY, The Pan African airline, partnered with Inflight Dublin for the provision of content and wireless IFE services on its fleet of Boeing 737s New Generation aircraft.

Qatar iPad Solution

Inflight Dublin was chosen by Qatar Airways, Qatar Executive and Qatar Amiri to provide its Everhub™ iPad solution. The interactive media application is DRM-enabled and includes a fully customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is aligned with Qatar Airways’ illustrious IFE brand – Oryx One.

UIA Wireless IFE

Inflight Dublin was selected by Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) to provide its end-to-end wireless IFE solution, Everhub™. The multi-year deal sees Inflight Dublin initially equipping 15 of UIA’s aircraft with its DO-160G certified Everhub™ portable wireless server.


APEX Expo 2021 – Long Beach

Inflight Dublin attended APEX Expo in Long Beach, the first in-person event for the industry in 2 years.

We’re looking forward to meeting everyone face-to-face again in 2022!


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