Everhub Wireless Branding

The Brief

With a timeframe of 4 weeks, we were tasked with develop and design a new brand, user interface, and communication channels for the launch of Inflight Dublin’s Wireless IFE product – Everhub.

Everhub is a wireless inflight entertainment and revenue generating software solution.

The challenge was to reflect, through the brand and brand language, the wide range of passenger services available in this one innovative application. Moreover, we had to communicate the potential for revenue generation, and the key end user features, for the airline.


The hub of activity that is always on and ready to entertain, inform and impress

Brand Identity

Using this high-level description of the product we developed the brand identity.

We brought together ideas of wireless, connectivity and centralised activity in a modern logo mark and typeface.

Brand Language

We extended the sense of innovation and product complexity into the brand language, using a bold gradient colour pallet and the development of a connected-points background texture.

Four bespoke linear icons were designed, each highlighting the key features of the Everhub application.

With our brand toolkit in place, rolling out the brand across the communication channels was straightforward.



We integrated the branding into the Everhub UI through the use of colour, typography and linear iconography. Users can easily explore or navigate through the range of services through four key menus; Discover, Entertainment, Inflight and Destination services.

Brand Communications

As part of the Everhub product launch, the following key marketing channels and materials were designed by the team:

  • Website
  • Motion Graphics
  • Brochure
  • Print and digital advertisements

Each piece of communication utilises the versatile brand language, while focusing on the four key features. Making all communications clear, simple, consistent and affective.



Inflight Dublin