The Brief 

Established in late 2001, Air Astana is Kazakhstan’s national carrier and over the last number of years, Inflight Dublin has developed a close working relationship with them as providers of their IFE. In 2016, they felt their inflight guide: KCTV was due a re-vamp and tasked us with the redesign, with one goal in mind: make it stand out.

The Project 

The team at Air Astana placed their trust in us at Inflight Dublin and afforded us full creative input. We began with a redesign of the front cover, which we decided should be impactful, modern and stylish, but with enough open-space to accommodate three languages. We developed an iconography set for the magazine to indicate the different sub-sections, which we employed in a subtle way throughout.

We mixed editorial pieces on Hollywood movies and actors with local and International musicians, alongside the key information of the IFE for passengers, in a bid to create a more engaging read, rather than just an information listing.


We are delighted to announce that the Inflight Entertainment guide that we design and produce with Air Astana KCTV recently received a Skytrax Audit rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.