The Brief 

Established in late 2001, Air Astana is Kazakhstan’s national carrier and over the last number of years, Inflight Dublin has developed a close working relationship with them as providers of their IFE. In 2016, they felt their inflight guide: KCTV was due a re-vamp and tasked us with the redesign, with one goal in mind: make it stand out.

The Project 

The team at Air Astana placed their trust in us at Inflight Dublin and afforded us full creative input. We began with a redesign of the front cover, which we decided should be impactful, modern and stylish, but with enough open-space to accommodate three languages. We developed an iconography set for the magazine to indicate the different sub-sections, which we employed in a subtle way throughout.

We mixed editorial pieces on Hollywood movies and actors with local and International musicians, alongside the key information of the IFE for passengers, in a bid to create a more engaging read, rather than just an information listing.


We are delighted to announce that the Inflight Entertainment guide that we design and produce with Air Astana KCTV recently received a Skytrax Audit rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Frequent Flyer Destinations Magazine

The Brief

Frequent Flyers Destinations is a premium lifestyle magazine for business and leisure travellers. Available in airports, it has an editorial focus on air travel and frequent flyer topics such as destinations, culture and travel. The magazine’s primary aim is to enhance a frequent passengers’ airport experience.


The Project

In November 2016, Inflight Dublin was approached by Airguide to redesign their existing publication, with a marked emphasis on look and feel, further enhanced by a direct focus on quality travel-based editorial.


Inflight Dublin completely overhauled the design and layout of the entire magazine in a bid to create a modern, engaging user experience, while showcasing the editorial content. Our main focus was on typography and a sympathetic use of space within the layouts. We also enhanced the editorial flow of the publication through a more coherent pagination structure. This was further improved by a careful use of imagery that complimented the design.


Lastly, we helped Airguide to engage with advertisers by designing a comprehensive media-kit. This included creating a range of subscription and in-house advertisements for the magazine, which brought Frequent Flyers Destinations in-line with competing lifestyle magazines.






Everhub™ Wireless Branding

The Brief

Everhub™ is a wireless inflight entertainment and revenue-generating software solution. Our aim was to develop and design a new brand, user interface, and communication channel for our own wireless IFE product. The challenge was to reflect, through the brand language, the wide range of passenger services available in one innovative application and a key feature of this was to communicate to the airlines the potential for revenue generation, through the end user features.

The hub of activity that is always on, ready to entertain, inform, and impress

Brand Identity & Language

‘A hub of activity which is always on, ready to entertain, inform and impress’ was our guiding principle when developing Everhub’s brand identity. We combined the ideas of wireless, connectivity and centralised activity into a modern logo mark and typeface. We extended this sense of innovation and product complexity into Everhub’s brand language, using a bold gradient colour pallet and a connected-points background texture. Four tailor-made linear icons were designed, each highlighting the essential features of the Everhub™ application and with our brand toolkit in place, we rolled it out across the communication channels.


We incorporated the new branding into Everhub’s UI using colour, type and a linear style of iconography. Users can easily navigate through the range of services by accessing four menus: Discover, Entertainment, Inflight and Destination services.

Brand Communications

As part of the Everhub™ product launch, our design team created the following marketing channels and materials:

  • Website
  • Motion Graphics
  • Brochure
  • Print and digital advertisements

Each piece of communication adapted parts of the brand, by focusing on the four key elements: Discover, Entertainment, Inflight and Destination services. Which delivered a clear, simple, consistent and affective message.


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